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Sports & Recreation

Our sports and recreation programming is designed to promote holistic health and well-being in kids, focusing on their mental, physical, and emotional development. They utilize sports as a tool to not only keep kids active but also to inspire them academically and socially. Here's a brief overview of their programs:

Basketball Camps

Engaging camps tailored for middle school and high school boys and girls, offering skill development, teamwork, and leadership training.


Exciting basketball tournaments that bring the community together and showcase the participants' skills and sportsmanship.

Community Events

Events that foster community bonding, encourage participation, and promote the values of respect, discipline, and teamwork.

Basketball Leagues

Competitive leagues for middle school and high school boys and girls, promoting sportsmanship and healthy competition.


Specialized clinics focusing on specific aspects of the game, led by experienced coaches to enhance players' skills and knowledge.



Jaelen Mitchell, Camp Participant

"It's so important because after being in the house, you kind of learn to lose those skills and you don't get to be outside like that," said Jaelen Mitchell. "You lose your touch with people. This camp was definitely a great experience to reconnect, and click and touch back down to earth with people."
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